To future-proof cooling needs of tropical data centres to meet challenges pertaining to significant power and cooling consumptions, carbon footprint, and increasing rack density


assess data center performance for optimal operation setpoints


Sweet spots for sustainable cooling solutions


Hybridisation / integration of these technologies


Tropical Data Centre 2.0

This research investigates the raising of data centre air-cooling temperatures and relative humidity levels to reduce energy consumption while preserving the reliability and performance of IT equipment. The work will provide valuable data points on the optimum temperature and humidity setpoints for setting aircooling standard for data centres in the tropics.

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Desiccant Coated Heat Exchanger

This research aims to validate the performance of the proposed alternative cooling technologies under real operating conditions. Based on the results, optimal operating guidelines can be derived, enabling widespread adoption with the minimal operational and financial risks.

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Direct Chip Hybrid Cooling

This research examines a heat sink design with two modes of cooling, i.e. air and liquid cooling, in a single integrated piece which eliminates the connectors and ducts. This can serve as an alternative air-cooling solution during water-loop maintenance to significantly reduce the server downtime.

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Cognitive Digital Twin

A key feature of next-generation data centres is the ability to operate new cooling solutions which are digitalised to enable real-time monitoring and AI-based optimisation. This work focuses on the synergistic integration of the different innovative cooling technologies.

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Consortium model to include government agencies, DC service providers, equipment vendors and universities


Less costly and intrusive testbed technologies compared to a commercial DC; A platform to integrate various technologies


The leading testbed facility for tropical DCs including recommendation of optimal operating guidelines


An active voice in various data centre related initiatives locally and aboard with innovative DC technologies


High level of support from government agencies and leading industry partners for the sustainability of tropical DCs


NUS and NTU launch first-of-its-kind tropical data centre testbed

New programme to pioneer green and efficient cooling solutions for DC in the tropics to operate optimally.

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Comparative Study of Different DC Cooling Solutions

Air Cooled Servers Racks VS. Immersion Cooling Racks and Liquid Cooled Servers Racks.

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Data Center Implementation in Tropical Climate

Growing demand for efficient and sustainable data centres with cutting-edge infrastructure.

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